My mission is to help others recognize and honor their innate power.



After struggling with intense...  paralyzing performance anxiety for 7 years...

I understand the endless pain, shame, guilt, and helplessness that accompanies stage fright.


I went on a solo quest to find teachers, books, workshops... anything that could help me gain insight into the debilitating fear I was experiencing.


While it has been an arduous rollercoaster of bittersweet moments... I am so grateful for the pain I went through... because I truly believe it was there to teach me how to serve others who are experiencing the same type of isolating pain that I was feeling.



I believe:


Life is the sum total of how we live our tiny moments.


We all have the power to choose in each moment.


Most of us don't feel like we have the freedom to choose.


Whether it be...


Choosing a new thought


Choosing a new way of seeing something


or choosing new ways of moving through the world.


I have spent the past 8 years testing and trying countless workshops, practices, and tools to move past my own performance anxiety...

and I am deeply humbled and thrilled to share what I have learned with those who are ready to heal and Reclaim their Power.


If you're feeling in the dark... reach out to me and let's talk <3

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