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Music Free My Heart

A virtual global community of truth seekers and music lovers.

Where we believe that sacred music and heart-centered meditation can be used as powerful and transformational tools to cultivate emotional resilience during these changing times.

Together with you, we are creating a global community of truth seekers who come together once a month to share in a sacred online space with the intention of supporting one another’s evolution, through our shared passion for sacred music, self exploration and heart-centered living.

Connect with us at our next MFMH Online Circle on February 28th, 2021 at 12pm EST.

Register at www.musicfreemyheart.com.



Co-founded by Carolyn Baron and Ari Urban, both saw a huge opportunity to bring together their specific areas of expertise, combining the naturally healing mediums of music and meditation.


Humans are craving to feel alive in their bodies again.


We've all been living in a mind-based society that has completely disconnected us from our direct, visceral experience of life.


We are here to show others how to access their innate power within.




In our busy modern society we tend to live more in our heads than in our hearts. 


We focus on accomplishments, accumulating, and entertainment instead of nourishing our souls and seeking true, lasting happiness and connection, which require a direct experience of both our inner and outer worlds. 


We also live primarily in our heads because we feel that by doing so it will protect us from being vulnerable. The habit of excessive thinking and being more concentrated on our heads than on our hearts has been cultivated throughout our lives, and passed on to us from many generations that came before us. 


Life is a continuously unfolding creative process which cannot be figured out by linear thinking. When we’re centered in our hearts we are free from judgment and therefore from separation. 


We feel connected with all beings and all of life. This is because the heart doesn’t “think” in the traditional sense of the word, it just “knows”. 


It discerns but does not judge. 


The heart unlike the mind is not dualistic. It does not categorize. It does not know us and them, good and bad, black and white, it simply feels, Intuit’s, and knows. It is beyond language. 


Following our hearts and our intuition always brings positive and appropriate results, but how can we learn to do this?

It’s actually quite a simple process.

The process is getting used to moving our attention from the mind,

down to the physical heart center;  

to concentrate on the physical sensations in the center of our chest and look, listen, and feel from there.


It's easy to do, but it takes practice to change our habit of being centered in our heads, and to be able to sustain our attention in our hearts.


When thoughts and emotions pull us away, we need to keep bringing our attention back to our heart center, again and again, moment by moment. 


Once we have become used to doing this over and over again it becomes our "default setting". 


In this way, we begin to live more heart-centered lives. 


Of course, when we focus on our hearts in this way, we may become conscious of old pain, fear, and wounds that we haven't felt when we were more focused in our heads. 


By bringing mindful awareness to these feelings we can begin to tend to them with love. 


And by being gentle, loving, and present with them, they will begin to dissolve. 


The heart knows how to heal itself given the opportunity. 


We just need to be open and available to do the work. 


This is the work that we focus on in our sessions. 


We practice listening to the music directly from our hearts.


Want to collaborate? Let's connect.

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